We are making some changes to our New Talent Showcase nights.We are changing up the way the night is run to make it a more fun, entertaining and a higher quality show.There are two ways that you will be able to sign up for the show.

The first way is online.Comedians will sign up online as we are currently doing, but MUST be done at least 2 weeks in advance. The show will be booked at least 2 weeks in advance.Out of the comedians that sign up online, we will book 10 comics.Those booked comedians will get 7 minutes each, all sets recorded and brought to the stage by the nights MC, who will also change week to week. You will be added to the website with your name, time slot and headshot.You must be in the club at least 30 minutes prior to your set time or it will be given away.You will need to promote yourself and the show. This is your booked night at a professional club. Promote it.Hit up the social media, hit up the friends and family, get some people out to come check out what you’ve been working on. If you are booked on the show for a certain week you will receive an email stating that you are on for that week.Just because you sign up does not mean that you will be on that weeks show.

The second way is to sign up is at the club the night of the show.Signups will go the first 30 minutes of the doors being open. It is first come, first served.10 comedians will be given 5 minutes each for the late night buzzer beater. This part of the show is a hand off, No MC.At the end of your 5 minutes, a buzzer will sound and you will bring up the next comedian.If a comedian doesn’t show up to their booked spot, the manager on will fill the open spot(s) with a comedian from this late night spot.

MC’s will be chosen by the club and only work the booked portion of the show.The show will begin at 7:30 sharp.The MC will keep the show on a tight schedule doing their time upfront.Comedians who blow the light might have a more difficult time getting booked. Respect the light, the comedians and the show.

This is a New Talent Showcase, this is not an open mic night.The club is here for comics and we are always looking to help out. Ask questions, network with other comedians, make The Stress Factory your home club. If you have your booked show coming up and shoot something promoting it, get it over to us and we will post it up, send it in our mass e-mail however we can help out, we will.We will be giving out guest spots with national headliners, booking MC’s and Feature acts from our local comedians.Our comedy teams will be selected from out New Talent nights.

Each week will be limited to 20 total comedians, 10 booked, 10 buzzer beater.The booked portion of the show will change weekly. You can sign up for the buzzer beater every week but might not get on every week depending on how many people sign up in that particular week.If you have any questions in regards to the rules or changes, please reach out to Derick@stressfactory.com. Thank you.